Pop-Musik-Klassiker am Piano

Wood river


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22 Wood river


 1. Golden slumbers                            13. True love ways
     Carry that weight                          14. Morning has broken
     Across the universe 15. Hamab
 2. Love hurts 16. Vaya con dios
 3. The end of the world 17. Überall blühen Rosen
 4. Stille Liebe 18. Only love
 5. The wonder of you 19. Winlock
 6. He ain´t heavy he´s my brother 20. Wood river
 7. Here comes the sun 21. You´re a lady
 8. Some other time perhaps 22. Let it be me
 9. If I fell / Hey there 23. You light up my life
10.The first cut is the deepest 24. Zucchini rag / Hey Joker
11.Clair 25. C´est si bon
12.Satin pillows 26. St.Walter / Der Traum



Love Hurts
St. Walter
The Wonder Of You
You Light Up My Life